Blackjack Insurance

The blackjack game deals with various options of player moves based upon mathematical strategies. The player keeps a count of every card that’s being dealt by the dealer and also applies basic strategies based on math involving what cards the dealer has been holding along with what the player gets in hand. So, the probability of the dealing prompts the player to take the next decision. Apart from deciding for a hit, split pair, double down and stand, a black jack player can also opt for insurance. The insurance option is very simple to understand and implement.

The blackjack insurance comes into play when the dealer pulls out an Ace (up-card). There is a question from the dealer if the players want to opt for insurance. This is a very tricky situation because you wouldn’t know what the dealer’s hole card is going to be. You may believe that the dealer’s hole card is going to be a 10, and if that is the case, you can place a side bet to score a blackjack. You are allowed to wager 50% of your original amount which you had placed for the hand. You need to at your best when you are going to guess the dealer’s hole card to wager your money. This is called as insurance in blackjack.

To understand it better, let’s put it like this. If your dealer has $15, you could win at a ratio of 2:1. But the original amount you placed for the bet is not going to come back to you unless you can pull it off with a tie with the dealer by drawing another card. Now you would ask where you can place the insurance bet. There is an insurance line right in front of you where you can place the bet. It isn’t much you are applying for, but usually the blackjack insurance doesn’t work to advantage of the player, rather it works in favor of the house. So you need to just think a bit before opting for the blackjack insurance.

Experts say usually it is a waste of money taking insurance in Blackjack. According to them this is more of hype created by the casino when they are in a vulnerable situation. The insurance is an option used by the casinos to create a high-profit for the house in most circumstances. The money you always win on insurance will be lesser than what you wage.

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