Apples Contain More Vitamin C Than Oranges

As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This adage speaks of a general truth that many people are now turning to this delicious fruit to maintain a healthy body. With the many varieties that are available for picking, it surely is a pleasant way to keep one’s self fit and in shape.

The apple’s high level of vitamin C content is the main reason why this fruit has become so popular and advantageous as far as keeping a well-maintained body. It has even been scientifically proven that this fruit contains more vitamin C than oranges. This is a general statement however, as there are many different kinds of apples and oranges. Some varieties of apples are known to have very high consistency of the said vitamin as compared to some varieties of oranges. In the same manner, some types of oranges have higher vitamin C content than some variants of apples. So this matter really depends on what type of fruit you like to include in your diet.

The great debate between apples and oranges is really based on the importance of vitamin C for one’s over-all health. This vitamin not only builds resistance against many types of diseases but it also aids in treating many kinds of illnesses. A daily intake of a piece of apple can really keep the doctor away as this fruit is able to supply your body with the minimum requirements of C vitamins especially if you leave the skin on when you eat it. Yes, don’t peel the skin off your apples when you eat it as most of the important vitamins are on the skin and peeling this off will be like throwing essential vitamins to the garbage bin.

So that puts an end to the great debate between these two great sources of Vitamin C. Keep in mind that both fruits are good for the body and if you can possibly include both apple and orange in your regular meals and snacks it will only be beneficial to your health. This is the most delicious doctor’s prescription that you can ever have so enjoy it!

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